Espai Priorat, the international exhibition of wines DOQ Priorat

The third edition of “Espai priorat” has involved 32 wineries and somber of most important worldwide sommeliers and wine experts.

One of the main events has been “the main tasting”, a showroom on the Escaladei’s Refetor for all visitors. The main tasting has taken place in the monastery of Escaladei, the historical cradle of DOQ Priorat wines and a privileged and symbolic place. During the main tasting we have presented TOCS and VIDALBA, our wines, and we could talk about all properties, shades, personalities and sensibilities of them.

All visits to our winery and to our vineyards have been big opportunities to come in contact with Priorat’s “terroir” and with the natural landscape where born and grow Terres de Vidalba wines.

In these three days we have shown our wines, our winery, our vineyards and our land for more than 70 guests from our country and from other countries around the world like Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Japan, Mexico, China, Canada or United States, among others. This has been an exchange experience to enjoy and share our character and our wines from Priorat.