A bit of Terres de Vidalba in Sweden

These last few days have been a much activity days in the winery. While the last grapes are picked up arrived to the vinery and while fermentations while on, a part of Terres de Vidalba team was traveling to Sweden to assist our northern Europe’s importer. From Mr. Björn Ringdahl of Vingourmet, we offered two vertical tastings of our wines, one in Malmö and other one in Stockholm.

In total, we had the opportunity to present 11 wines to some thirty Sweden specialists and amateurs who have attended the tasting in both cities. We have offered two vertical tastings of TOCS (vintages from 2004 to 2010), we present VIDALBA 2008 and 2011, and also two innovations: one sweet wine and one white wine which have no names yet. In that way, we could express and enjoy the evolution of our creations, from the initial to the current TOCS style, and also with the VIDALBA and with sweet and white wines.

In Malmö, the city where Vingourmet operates, we did the tasting in L'Enoteca. In Stockholm the tasting took place in a very different place: in the Showroom NoEarlyBirds, from the architect and designer Per Söderberg. In both places we have been delighted by its environment and its people, and also by their welcome and their feedbacks about our wines during wine tastings. Once again, thank you very much Björn!