We know very well that the wine we make comes from the vines and that the winery is just a means to an end.

In our small winery in Poboleda our wines are fermented in steel tanks or open casks, depending upon their variety and the land parcel they grew on. Determining the perfect point of maturity is an important and very personal decision that affects the wines we produce after harvest. These decisions are made in the vineyard, where we select only healthy and mature grapes. We harvest the different varieties in small batches and keep them separate throughout the winemaking process. This takes quite a bit of extra work, but it also allows us to experiment and take decisions based on what we learn about the behaviour of each variety year after year.

The initial aging takes place in French oak barrels, where we use a maximum of 20% new barrels. We rely upon the work of a variety of cooperages using wood from different forests, along with toasting in order to give our wines depth and complexity.

The time spent in the barrel will depend upon the variety of grape, the type of wine we are making, and the barrels themselves. The results always carry an element of surprise.

Finally, we bottle our wines without any clarification or filtering in order to allow maximum preservation of their characteristics.