Our first harvest was in 2003 and these wines came to light at the end of 2005. It seemed like such a long wait before we were able to enjoy our first wine. It certainly wasn’t the best we have produced but it was the first, an unforgettable event during which more than a few tears of happiness were shed.

The first wine we produced is called TOCS. This name reflects everything that has gone into the wine, the sum of all the small details and the many subtle touches and sensibilities.

Up until 2007 TOCS is a coupage of Garnacha Negra, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. These are highly structured wines, flavourful and very fresh.

Beginning in 2008 we began to focus only on our local and Mediterranean varieties. TOCS is now a coupage of just Garnacha Negra and Syrah. This was a serious decision because it meant we would have to to start rejecting some of the grapes from our land, but we ended up being much more satisfied with the style of the wine. These are wines with their genetics rooted in Priorat and they represent the lands they come from with their very elegant, fresh, and unique characteristics.

In the last few years we have also begun to produce another wine, VIDALBA, as a point of entry into our winery and a way of getting to know us.