• Our VIDALBA 2008 is our first vintage for this wine, which is intended as a point of entry to our winery.

    In terms of the weather, our winter season was very dry, but in April and May we had abundant rains. These are important months for the vegetative phase: flushing is nearing its end with full vegetative growth underway. Next comes flowering and finally the fruit, key stages that allow us to begin to get an idea of what the season will be like.

    We also had rains in June and July, which gave us quite a bit of concern about the health of the vines because of the excessive humidity. However, the rest of the summer up until harvest gave us good temperatures, especially in terms of the day/night thermal variation, which allowed for quite good maturation.

    Basic information

    • Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Garnacha Negra 25%, and Syrah 20%.
    • Production: Each varietal is separately produced. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Daily pigeage and gentle rémontage.
    • Barrel aging: 12-14 months depending upon the variety, in very lightly toasted Allier French oak barrels. Second-year barrels from a variety of cooperages.
    • Alcohol: 15% by volume.
    • Filtering or clarification: No filtering or clarification processes are applied. This means that small amounts of precipitates may develop over time.

    Information on bottling and consumption

    • Bottling: Production of 8,500 bottles. Bordeaux bottles. Natural corks, 45 x 24 mm. Packed in cardboard boxes of 6 bottles.
    • Consumption: Serving temperature: 16-18 oC. Open the bottle one hour before serving and decant. A Syrah-type wine glass is recommended.

    Tasting note. Good structure, very drinkable.

    Intense dark cherry colour with abundant tears. Good aromatic intensity, with plenty of mature black fruits, spicy notes of cacao accompanied by some balsamic and mineral notes as well. Bold and fresh in the mouth, with some tannins present but well polished. Long, persistent finish.