Nobody said this would be easy! We spent months visiting the northern area of the comarca searching for the perfect piece of land, peaceful and far removed from the main wine growing areas of Priorat.

We knew just what we were looking for, and we finally found it near Poboleda, in the valley of Barranc de la Bruixa. It was an old 11-hectare piece of farmland that the forest had already begun to take back with filbert trees, along with some almonds and other stumps. It had a good east/southeast orientation and an altitude between 430 and 480 meters, which would provide us with some interesting day/night temperature variability. All of this would help our grapes to mature at the optimal slow rate and reach a good level of acidity for producing fresher wines.

The poor but well-drained soil would also help our vines to develop deep, slow-growing roots. We had many years ahead of us...

We put it the work necessary to prepare the land and plant the vines, including a strong presence of local varieties. Grapes such as the Garnacha Negra, Syrah, Cariñena, and Garancha Blanca were all well adapted to our land, and these are the varieties we continue to use when producing our wines. We practice a very respectful approach to viticulture, working to obtain a good balance from the vines and taking care with the yields. Each season is a new challenge!